Help what should I do?

So a while back ago I was dating this guy but he wasn’t only the guy I was in love with he was my best friend too. But when we got home form our wonderful vacation in panama he told me that he couldn’t see me over the summer. I felt abandoned like I wasn’t good enough and traded in. I know he says that that’s not it that he couldn’t spend time with me because of Ed and football but even though he told me that I still feel the same. so I made a hard decision and broke up with him thinking that he’d come after me but I though he wanted to be with me more than he I guess he actually did. The thing is he ended up tell me that I made the right decision which killed me. Then when I tired to fix thing and get back together with him he told me no even if we did get back together all we would to is fight and have sex and that’s not what he wanted. I told him I didn’t want it either and that this time I’d do better but then he just asked me if I really wanted to be with someone that I didn’t get to see. I really don’t blame he for not wanting to be with me though hell I wanted want to be with me either. I regret the way I treated him. I guess the reason I treated him that way was because I thought he’d always be there it was like the reality of us not being together just wasn’t there. He was the one I want to run away with. And he is right I don’t want to be with someone who I can't see but the thing is I don’t want to be with anyone besides him. As a friend will you tell me want to do because I don’t want to cry myself to sleep anymore


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  • Hi there, I sympathize with you but unfortunately it is going to hurt and you are going to cry. what I want you to think about is the type of relationship you would have if you guys were together, it doesn't sound from his description that it would be good. It doesn't sound like from your description it would be good either. So I question is this is really about love of your best friend or loneliness/rejection. Are you lonely and willing to settle for a relationship that is not what you would want? or Are you just upset that you you feel like he didn't chase you or want to be back with you so that makes you feel like you are not special and why does he not want you? Really examine what you are upset about. Hope this helps.

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