I really like him, but so does my best friend - what should you do?

So I have liked this guy for years and he knew but I keep telling my friends I'm over him even tho I'm not. But my best friend limes him to and he likes her to, tho he still has a girl friend. We are really close and he tells me more then he tells his girl friend and always asks for girl advice. For example how to tell if a girl likes him or something.


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  • well I am in something similar.

    one of my friends not like a best friend though, we are still really good friends, likes my crush. even though she liked him first. me and my boy started out as just friends so she would ask me all these things about him that's all she talked about. but as I knew my crush even more I started to like him as more than a friend, there were rumors he liked me to. I tried to hide it from her she still doesn't know.

    but anyway here is what I go off of I think about who I love more her as a friend or him is something more and since she isn't like my best best friend and I really like him I would chose my crush. because sometimes you can't have both ways


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  • Sounds like a classic love triangle... actually trapezoid if you factor his current girlfriend into it.

    He he knows both of you like him than it's up to him to man up and make a choice between you.


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