We use to text a lot but it's a lot less now?

This girl and I use to text a lo. It would be like every day. Now it's like every four or three days and it's only for a few mind before it was all day or so. What could become reasons behind texting less?


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  • If you're the type to use emoticons excessively, and have called her "babe" through text or something similar, I'd say she's probably waiting for you to lose interest. If you see her in person and she smiles, I'd say she probably feels you should be making more of an effort, possibly, or that she doesn't want to seem pushy in texting you first.

    However, if you're the only one to ever start the texting, I'd say cool on the texting that's just "ho-hum" and actually talk about something interesting, especially at night, not during the day when she's busy watching TV or gaming. I tell people I'm not busy whether or not I am.


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