Why Do All The Men I Date Do Me WRONG?

Every boy that I've went out with in the past year has done the worst possible things to me...The first boy who I was so deeply in love with and had been dating since 8th grade [4yrs]left me for a girl that we both knew in middle school...The second boy who I didn't even go out with yet, called me and told me that he couldn't talk to me anymore because his ex called and said she wanted him back...The next boy first stood me up on my birthday and when I gave him a second chance, he lied to me and took his ex girlfriend out [whom I already had suspicions of] out on valentine's day, and he deleted me from his friends on myspace and ignored every single one of my phone calls. All while him and I were supposedly still dating...and now the last guy I was talking to all of a sudden has a picture of his ex on his myspace page with "wifey" underneath it, but he claims that she's obsessed and found out his password and put it on there...well why don't he just change his password and take it off! Trust me, I give these boys NO reason to treat me this way...I admit I can be kind of controlling but I warn them of that way before we get too serious and honestly I'm a very understanding, caring, giving, and loving person...I would do anything for the person I am with and I'm a very attractive female. All of my friends can find and keep a man but this is just so hard for me and these aren't even all the dudes that have done me wrong, just over the past year. I Need Advice, what should or can I do?


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  • Some of us are just magnets for certain things when it comes to guys. I can't explain it, but that's life. I like to think of them as "lessons". You learn something from every single guy you like/date whether it be good or bad. Eventually a guy will come along who will treat you right. He'll be a prince compared to these guys! Personally I think you need to do more research before you date a guy. Make sure it's been a couple months since he's had a serious girlfriend and also make sure there is no "crazy" ex in his life. You can do this without being a stalker just check out his myspace and see if he mentions anything. As for the guy you were with for 4 years, I think sometimes we just need a change. I mean 4 years is a long time and people change so much. Trust me, I'm sure you'll eventually think "Thank gawd we ended that" because you will meet someone who you can't imagine being without. Hope this helps and that I least somewhat answered your question :)