Guys, how do you treat a girl like crap?

ALL of the girls I've been interested in I always treated them like gold. I pay for our dates, I hold the doors open, I talk a lot to keep a convo, etc. Just because of all this, I seem like the "easy to get" guy and they lose interest after the first date.

This makes me mad because I figure the saying "nice guys finish last" is a bit true. So I figure I need to learn how to be a gentleman "with a bite".

Guys can you help me out?


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  • Dont worry , you are still learning to be a MAN.

    Dont do things to impress her , do it because you WANT to.

    If in your heart you DONT want to do something but do it anyways just make her happy

    you are selling your self short.

    Respect her but let her know you can be without her. "Nice guys" get ditches because they are too available and NEEDY! Make time for the things you USED to do before you met her.

    Her is the TRICK though , when she sees you are standing your ground she will pull the you don't love me as much card. Don't fall for it , be dominant and do your thing.

    Remember be CONFIDENT and LOVE her , DONT cheat on her but talk to other girls friendly not flirty 0 this will let her know you are a cool guy that girls will want even if she left you.

    Women - God's best creation - you can't fully understand them but their blueprints are easy to read. Ps: If you are 22 and under - DONT sell your soul.

    LOOL don't listen to me though ...just a random dude in a 1+ year relationship


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  • either you are only interested in little girls and not Women with a strong head on her shoulders, goals, and knows what she wants out of life and of her man, or you are just a pushover/needy/clingy/has no life dude, who is always blowing up a girls phone and wondering what she is doing every single second of the day, when you are not even in a relationship or even dating.

    i love nice guys. I love gentlemen. I am very attracted to a guy who opens the door for me.

    i hate a**holes and jerks.

    -I hate when a guy insults me, or other women. it is not attractive

    -i hate when a guy thinks he has the right to touch me and I don't even know him like that.. ie: just grab me, touch my butt, my hair, rubbing my arms. I just hate that. Who does he think he is?

    hugging when we greet is as far as I will allow but if we are not even friends and I am not 100% comfortable with you yet, do not touch me anywhere else. let me like you first.

    -i hate when a guy comments on my butt or boobs, like I'm some object. Its just disrespectful

    what is it you are looking for anyway?

    -If you are just looking for some butt, then there are plenty of loose girls out there who could careless if you open the door for her because all she wants is sex. If you are trying to get some butt from a girl with morals and who wants a relationship, then all I can say is good luck with that.

    -if you are just looking for a friendship and nothing serious. Then be her friend, someone who can provide great conversation when its needed. But if you really just want to be her friend then she really is gonna treat you like that, A FRIEND... I say this because some guys are always complaining about being in the friend zone when it is their own fault for not letting the girl know that you are interested in her for more than a friend.

    -if you really are interested in knowing her, and are open to a relationship with her. THEN GET TO KNOW HER! You can do so many nice things for a girl but if you really don't know anything about her then nothing is going to happen. Learn all the things you need to know about her before you decide she is relationship material. No, do it before you have decided that you even like her!

    i noticed you said "I talk a lot to keep a convo"... are you boring the girl to death? maybe you two just don't have anything in common. Its good that she lost interest because you two would not have worked out anyway. Its good to have a "type" when you are dating... ie: "i like gamer girls" if you are into video games then right then and there you both can connect on some video games. or "i like girls who grew up in rough neighborhoods". My point is that, you will do best with someone you can relate to.

  • It's not a matter of treating a her terribly, it's a matter of only using special treatment at the right moments. A kind gesture randomly (and somewhat infrequently) added into standard behavior suddenly makes you look charming. Hold back on doing -everything- for women, as it sets the tone for the rest of the relationship. Wait until a moment when the gestures will be appreciated, rather than passing goodwill out like freebies. Women want to appear capable to guys too, so when guys take over everything it's like getting a pat on the head and a pity smile.

    If you're looking for 'the chase' though, it's more about adding and building intensity into the interactions until she won't want you to go, then taking a day or two off. But for goodness' sake, don't say you'll contact during that time if you won't, because it'll make you look like a flake not worth pursuing.

    • The first part I kinda disagree if you don't believe that then watch a YouTube videos of ungrateful woman of divorce court part one and part 2 a woman divorcing her husband because he is a nice guy,a good man,a good husband and a good father to 4 of his daughters.

      When even the 3 of the girls is not even his daughters and she claims oh he is too nice watch the video then you'll understand what we went through and what are we going through and that's why there is no nice guys like me around :).

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    • Which seem counter-intuitive to me, since the largest complaint I hear from girls talking about their break-ups is that "He seemed great at first, but he never follows through."

    • The definition of "great" varies from person to person. Great doesn't mean he was a nice guy at first. He could be a jerk at first, BUT in her eyes he was a knight in shining armor. I've seen it happen, guy treats a girl like crap and then the girl wants more.

  • Do you have bad breath? they should love you! do you wear too much cologne?, date a little older girls, or the nice girls, that are cute but not too into themselfs. Try to be athletic, girls love that, go mt biking, I love a man on a bike, any bike! good luck, don't give up!

  • I don't know what's up with those girls that you have been dating. They must be extremely picky. I would love for a guy to open the door for me, bring me flowers, etc. I don't get it. Nice guys should be what every girl wants. No girl that's in their right mind would want a guy to treat her like crap.

    • I strongly disagree. They want a challenge to change a guy and not one who will fall for their tricks. Gentlemen easily portray as "easy" guys

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    • your boring. lol

    • How the heck does her not liking men that like to play games when it comes to dating, have anything to do with how interesting she is? I personally find any mind games while dating to be childish. If a girl is interested in me, she shouldn't flirt with another guy in front of me to make me jealous. If she pulls that crap she's telling me that either she isn't interested or that she's a slut. And I sure as hell don't date sperm dumpsters.

  • Girls aren't losing interest in you because you're too nice. They're losing interest because you're too easy. No girl stays interested for long in the guy who acts like he's all in love with you from the moment you've ever met and acts like you're the only girl in his world.

    • then why do girls love jerks?

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    • Because if I just met you, and you're going above and beyond for me it seems as if you might not have a life and I'm the first girl you've dated in a long time and that's why you're so thirsty. I don't want to be the center of a guys world when I just met him.

    • hmm... that actually sounds perfectly reasonable. Why didn't I figure this before I took the last girl out?

  • no! we can't lose another guy to the dark side...

    • I think it's far too late for him and I =/ I have been ignored while trying to become friends with girls, let alone date. If you really don't want guys to "be lost by the dark side", then give the nice guys attention without them asking for it. If they show they are nice then just f***ing talk to them.

    • i would give them attention if they would just give me the time of day. nice girls are ignored too you know :(

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  • *Disclaimer*: The following tips are only for the initial phases of dating, not for once you get serious with a girl, (except for #5 which you should always do).

    1) Don't always pick up the phone when she calls, and don't always call her back immediately. If you do she'll think you don't have anything else to do but talk to her, which is a turnoff.

    2) Reply to her texts with inconsistent time-frames. I.e. don't reply to every text within a minute or an hour on the dot. During a text conversation, maybe reply to her first two texts right away, then wait like 3 hours to respond to the next one. You want to seem like you have a lot going on in your life but you still think about her.

    3) Don't reveal everything about yourself right away. Part of the fun of courtship is learning interesting things about the other person naturally as you see each other more and more.

    4) Keep a little bit of mystery. For example: If she wants to go out on Friday but you already have specific plans with your guy friends, don't tell her every detail of what you're doing (I.e. "I can't because I'm meeting up with Jason and we're going to see the Dark Knight at 7:00PM at the AMC theater on Broadway..."). Just say something vague like "I'd love to, but I'm meeting up with a friend that night", and then suggest a different night. After you get off the phone she'll be thinking about what you're up to that night. "Is he going to a party? To a bar? Is the friend he's meeting up with a girl? Is she hot? Is she into him?" and so on

    5) Have an interesting hobby. Video games don't count. Play an instrument, join a sports team, paint, cook, etc. Women like a guy who has varied interests and as a bonus these hobbies often lend themselves well to dates and give you stories to tell.

  • LOL that's not the problem, but don't be a pushover. You don't need to be going out of your way to open any doors or anything. Screw that garbage, doesn't work.

  • Hmm, Can you get me a more detailed run through of your conversations and how you asked the ladies out

  • idk I've never done that

  • Listen to Tom Leykis 101.

  • Don't always call or text when you say you will (women do this)

    No gifts if she's not your girlfriend

    Don't spend too much on a date

    Don't treat them special, just because she's a woman.

    Bros before hoes.

    • If you do the first one consistently, get ready to have your arse on the curb. It says you're not into the relationship, and that your word is not to be trusted, because it loses worth quickly with each let down.

    • I know, I just meant don't ALWAYS be there when you say you will, it makes you look clingy and easy. Women play the phone game too, don't front.

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