Why do I still love him if it is over?

Were 16, We never even dated, but we both knew we liked each other. I began ignoring him after a stupid thing that he did (deserved it tho), he tried to continue to talk to me all the rest of the year. Were not in school anymore so we Haven't contacted each other at all. I deleted him off my Blackberry Messenger contacts tho, I was too hurt to continue looking at his name constantly. Why would he even be part of my contacts if none of us will text each other? Its so messed up, and he's the first guy I've actually wanted to get to be with for a relationship. But I just think of him everyday, when I hear music etc. I won't lie I sill have some feelings for him and deep down feel that there is still a chance for a relationship. I feel that I've moved on, but not completely. He doesn't flirt with girls unless he really likes them. Same thing for me.


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  • I know it sounds weird, but you may never get over him completely. When you feel like that about someone it can stay with you forever. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can move on completely... Even if you still care about him to some extent, it will help a lot! :)


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  • please trust me. Time can cure everything. If you really want to forget him completely and move on, just delete every connection with him and threw away every stuff which remind you of him. hope it helps you...

    • But thing is I haven't seen him since mid-May and I still think about him! To my surprise, I unfortunately saw him at the movies, he was behind me in the line (a friend told me). So yay we didn't have to greet each other. I deleted him off my Mesenger contacts (its not like we even talked after all the crap happened).but.its hard cause I listen to music all the time, and we like the EXACT SAME SONGS. Which automatically make sme think of him when I put my ipod on.