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Is it a bad thing to suggest a second date with a guy?

I recently went on a date and he took me to a really really nice restaurant. I was already nervous because it was a first date and the fact that it was such a nice place added even more pressure. I initiated conversation after the date because I wanted to thank him again for buying me dinner (I know all those dating rules you should wait for the guy to message you back, but I wanted to let him know that I appreciated it and felt this was the polite thing to do). I felt that I may have rambled a bit during the first date because I tend to talk a lot when I am nervous. So I suggested that we hangout again if he is up for it and do something more low key like an activity (I am more comfortable getting to know someone in a low key setting because I find it less intimidating and easier to relax and be myself). I am wondering if suggesting we go out again was a good idea? And if I should mention to him that if he noticed any rambling it was because I was nervous.
Is it a bad thing to suggest a second date with a guy?
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