What should I do to help me choose which guy? PLEASE

so currently I like 3 guys.

-the younger brother (my age) : knows I liked him and he liked me but said his best mate likes me and would be gutted if we started dating and also he thought I liked his big bother

-the big brother (2 years older) : has all the girls after him but never gives away who he likes, appeared jealous when things appeared to have progressed with me and the mate but never asks me out on a date properly, the most I got was 'you like coffee? there's a good coffee place nearby I go to' and he stopped there.

- the mate: Such a sweet guy, likes me and keeps asking me on dates but I can't commit because I can't choose which guy I like.

Help me out please, which of the guys do I have a chance with?

Also, we all know each other from church!

What should I do?


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  • I second that. Nicole is right, the last guy would be the one to go for. You don't want to start messing around with brothers. You will just cause problems between them and put a strain on their relationship. Plus, the older one seems like a player and the younger one is well, younger.


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  • Sounds like both the younger and big brother aren't committed towards you. So far it seems like it would be the mate. But choose the person with whom you think you want to spend the most time with. The one you think would be the most enriching.


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  • Obviously the last guy (mate).

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