We have been beautifully dating for about two/three months and he left for a vacation and hasn't called.

I have been dating for about 2/3months. We shared basically everyday, evening, and lunches when we could. Went for coffee, dates, he would take me out to dinner or cook dinner. We are truly sweet to gather. We both have the same ideas, and would often talk before falling asleep side by side about how we feel about curtain matters of the heart. Making there communication between us both. We have been intimate with each other, and we are pretty public about our relationship meaning our friends know we are dating and are aware we spend ample amount of time together. He has told me and I have told him how we feel for each other and we are one the same page about our feelings. So about a week ago I flew in from a small trip I needed to make. I surprised him and we spent 7 days together. Then he kissed me goodbye in the morning and headed out for a 20 day vacation on the coast. He told me to make my self at home and left me to sleep in his bed. I tried to, but couldn't even fall back asleep. So I texted him, told him his bed wasn't the same with out him and we texted for a moment. I told him my heart was very fond of him and he replied, that his was fond of mine. Then later in the evening I texted him asking if he wanted mid summer plans to a concert I knew he'd enjoy. He loved the idea. But it's now been a true week and he hadn't called or texted. I would think I would be attracting him from afar and for him to say hello, but that just hasn't happened.I didn't call or text till I called yesterday, just because he's very good with not wanting to over step my boundaries. He didn't answer but texted : "hey there! Heading to place tomorrow and just wanted to say hi." at about 9 pm." I saw when I woke up.

When I left for my trip I didn't have my cell phone at the time but I called and we Skyped a few times feeling very communicative and still like were dating. I should feel comfortable without his phone call or text. And just look forward to hearing from him but my mind has been running through with feelings like he had time to think and he he just isn't attracted to me anymore. He s told me that he really likes me allot passionately and that he is mine. I feel confused though. With our intimacy and actions I feel like I miss him, and would love to hear from him. I spoke to one of his best friends who just stared dating my best friend. I told him that I don't think he's interested in me anymore, because I'm not attracting him. He told me not to worry about it he's is just aloof and he's probably thinking I'm just doing my own thing and not to worry about it. So I just sent him a text:" Awe, it's nice to hear from you. Lucky you, I love Boston. How. Is the vaca!?" I just feel like I'm too much of a sweetheart to not hear from him... He is always on my mind, and it's be nice to hear from him more.

Do you think I should feel he should be reaching out more?

How do you think I should Handel this situation when you miss another person?

What do you think


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  • "I would think I would be attracting him from afar and for him to say hello,"

    No. That's what *you* would do, because you're a girl.

    Stop expecting him to act like a girl. He's not a girl. He's a guy. And guys do not feel the same need for constant communication that girls do.

    If anything, the reverse is true. Guys are more likely to need time alone, space, etc...

    "my mind has been running through with feelings like he had time to think and he he just isn't attracted to me anymore. "

    This is very typical for girls. There's nothing wrong with you for thinking this. Most girls seem to run to this sort of conclusion when the communication falters.

    You both need to work on this : You need to alter your expectations, but at the same time, he needs to be aware how important it is to communicate.

    An ex-girlfriend of mine explained it to me like this : girls need to be constantly checking the pulse of the relationship. And communication is like the beep beep beep of the heart monitor. If it goes quiet for too long, they don't think in terms of broken wire or machine, they panic, and think the relationship died.

    Girls need the beep beep beep. Even if, to a guy, that seems utterly pointless. They need it, and shouldn't be judged for needing.

    Once my ex explained that, it made things a lot easier between us. (We broke up over different things)

    • Agree. The sad thing is that I am a lot like a guy too. I like my space and I don't like constant communication. Don't like converstions through texting.

      I personally think if I was in a relationship all I need is up to about a 20 minute talk a day if we are busy or distant from each other. I know I would be able to go for a couple of days of not talking to a boyfriend and I still would be fine. I wouldn't date a guy I wouldn't trust. :) But yes communication is still important.

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  • Who the f*** beautifully dates?

  • Don't freak out. He is just on vacation. That doesn't mean he isn't interested anymore. He has done nothing that would in any way say he isn't interested anymore.

  • Cmon now, he is on VACATION. Enough said.


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  • The word vacation says it all. I keep my phone as far away as I can when I'm on vacation. Not communicating with people for a little while is a relief. I'm not saying he is relieved to not talk to you though. He is on vacation where is away from life for a bit.

    Trust me he still cares and likes you. :)

  • He is just on vacation which dosn't mean that he has lost interest with you at all. Try keeping yourself occupied more so you won't be thinking about him 24/7 though.