Would you still pursue a girl if you knew she was in a committed relationship?

I'm friends with this guy, and I'm pretty sure he's had a crush on me since we first met, even though I made it very clear that I have a boyfriend who I am very loyal to. Still, this guy texts me almost everyday. He wants to hang out all the time. He always calls me cute, gorgeous, sexy, etc. It makes me pretty uncomfortable to be honest. He's a nice guy and I want to be his friend but this is a bit much for me. What's his deal? Where does he think this is going? :S


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  • I wouldn't. I don't have problems being friends with girls in relationships, but I don't see the point in pursuing them. While I may be able to seduce some of them to turning and dropping their current man for me, I don't want a girl that lacks loyalty anyway. So it's a lose lose situation... If you waste your time on a girl that you can't win, it was a waste of energy. If you win the girl, then she's trash.

    • trash is a harsh word.

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    • thats the thing though, I'm not shopping for men, and I don't want him to pursue me. My boyfriend and I have been together a long time and plan on getting married, so I'm not leaving him for anyone. I still want to be this guy's friend but its so awkward for me :S

    • I imagine. =P I've been very close friends with married women before, but never pursued them as more. He obviously wants more from what you are saying. He doesn't seem to be able to respect the thin line, between friendship and more so I distance myself from him if I were you.

  • im friends with this girl and she has a bf... and I'm persueing her...

    i made it clear that I like her... ever since I knew her...

    ... it suxxx ... a lot of heart ache...


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