Guys: why don't you tell the girl you really like you like her?

ok so his friends told me he liked me, and he does kinda flirt (you can view my profile to see my question that describes what he does). but when confronted about it he says no. I really like him to. I never told him, though I do flirt with him. I want to know why he just doesn't tell me, or if he even does like me.

don't say I am too young for this but I am 13.

i have another question I want to be answered

it is called does he like me or is this what classic guys do. (this is the question I mentioned earlier in this question)


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  • The same reason why you won't tell him you like him.

    • i didn't tell him because he told my friend while I was standing next to me that he didn't like me.

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