What do you think about girls that prefer to hang around boys than girls?

prefer to hang around boys than girls...

to love do guys stuff for eg. they fix thing, paint play, video game, play and watch football, and other boys stuff...

although they love to hang out with guys the have their bf...

boys what do thing about girls like that?


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  • Im quite similar to you and they love it...its like having one of the guys but that sexual attraction and chemistry is there(sometimes it depends if they like you or not)...and no matter how boyish you act they clearly still know and remember that your a female..its like a two for one special lol.


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  • Took me a couple minutes to figure out what you were saying there.

    Anyway I think it's cool. They make good friends, and if dating, they make even better girlfriends, as there'd be a ton on common with a guy like me. I also wouldn't have problems with her being around other guys, as I am not easily scared off, nor am I the jealous type.

    It's all good.

    • sorry for the way I explain it. nice answer

    • yeah, at first I figured English was your second language, or you were typing this out on a phone, but I figure it didn't matter much, since I was eventually able to figure out what you meant. Either way, girls like the ones you described are fun. I like them.

    • English is my first language but true my country have too I was speaking the second one. glad you understand. cool.:)

  • i think they make good friends =)


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  • I know you want answers from guys but you sound exactly like me

    • ok. no pro you can give your answer