I want to hook up with this guy more than once

me and this guy have been flirting for a while, and I know he wants to hook up with me, he has told me, and I also want to hook up with him. but we aren't that close really, we mostly only hang out at parties and with a bunch of other people and it's summer and I want to keep in touch with him this summer, but he's weird to text and we aren't close enough for me to just call him up to hang out. I want to be like friends with benefits with him,

so how should I let him know that without flat out telling him? should it be while we hook up? should it be before or after? what should I say?

i just don't want when we hookup to be just a one time thing like at a party or something where everything is awkward after and we never talk, I want it to bring us closer. how should I go about doing that?


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  • What's wrong with telling him? I think the standard protocol is "I'm not really after anything serious right now". When you tell him really depends on how old he is, how experienced he is at hooking up, etc. I'd say the best time to tell him is when you're both alone and not far from getting it on, and if you don't want it to be just a one-time thing tell him afterward "we are definitely doing that again!".

    I really don't get why you don't think you can just tell him straight out, its not like you're doing anything to be ashamed of.


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