On the market too long, need help.

I've been online dating since 2001, with no success. No matter how I rework my profile, no matter what pictures I do or don't put up, I only get the same type of replies.

*BBBW looking for a SWM to make a change of pace

*Predator women, looking for an easy mark

*Attempted leads into pay video sites

*Certain types of Single mothers (not looking for love)

*Ex Convicts

*Sociopath Control Freaks

*Men, who reply as women

*GF experience offers (for a price)


*Fake Profiles created by the administrators, to keep me on they're web site

In the last eleven years, I've met exactly three REAL women looking for a relationship.

The first (2001) didn't want to do anything but chat and RP. She never wanted to meet in real, which makes me think she either wasn't really single. Or, just looking for an ego boost.

The Second (2003) was my first real experience with love. And she loved me back. We lived on opposite sides of the country. W talked deeply several times a day, every day, for two years. She loved me back and admitted it shyly. But she had a family tragedy, wouldn't let me comfort her, and eventually decided she didn't want to be tied down. She said she wanted space, I tried to give it to her. After a couple weeks I tried to check in with her. And so on week by week until I got the hint. She never responded to me again.

The Third girl (2005), was broken hearted over an ex (just like me). She was looking for lots and lots of encounters, as she described it. She wanted to drown herself in it. Me, I wanted to feel something. In the end, it was me who broke it off. As much as I wanted to drown with her, I wasn't ready yet.

So here I am. 29, fully healed. Never Been kissed. Untouched. Not completely bad looking. Stable, even tempered guy. Family valued. Liberal Views. No Jail record. No children (obviously). Never been married. Non smoker. Alcohol free (sober three months). Clean driving record. Non drug user. Clean cut. Slow handed dating style. No taboos. No family deficiencies. Good longevity on both sides of my family. I come from a big family. I have lots of sisters. Good relationship with my parents. And would love to get married, and have a family one day.

Any women out there looking for a guy like me? I'm a good listener.


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  • first off, this is not a dating site.

    second, alcohol free for 3 months... are you a recovering alcoholic?

    third, if online is not working out for you, then you're looking in the wrong place.

    fourth, I looked briefly at your YouTube video and it's apparent you really don't want people to get a good look at you because the images flash so quickly. Your GAG pics don't really show you.

    so my only real question for you is this: when you look in the mirror (figuratively & literally) do you like all that you see... would you date you?

    when you can answer that question in ALL honestly, "YES!", then I truly believe you'll have no problem finding a gal.


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