I'm Leaving My Job for Another, Do I Ask Woman Out I Hardly Know?

For those who saw or answered my first question, I've moved on from previous issue and my job as a camp counselor has just started up.

During orientation, I was introduced to a senior counselor (23-25 range...don't know her age). I'm 22. She is a high school teacher and we've talked briefly the past few days, the issue is it's nearly impossible to talk since I'm usually working in my group and she is running hers. May get easier this week.

Here's the problem, I was just offered a part time job at a TV station which is in my career field, it's part time 20 hours a week but pays 13 an hour compared to 5 an hour at camp. It's unlikely I can do both, so I'll take part time. Starts July 2nd.

Which leaves me with the issue, the few times we have talked it's gone well, nothing special just friendliness...though whenever my name is called she perks up. And, when I'm not running around, I try to at least acknowledge her. I'd say theirs a shot she would be interested.

So I figured I'll make a way to get a solid conversation in, mention I just found out about the job and how I would have to leave the camp job (but still around otherwise). So based on her reaction, then I'd slip in asking her out since I figured what do I have to lose.

Too forward or is forward good in such a situation?


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  • just go for it and ask her out for coffee


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