Girls, can you please describe a guy that is "boring" or "stale" dating-wise, so we can understand your POV?

Either from guys you have (or someone else you know has) dated or asked out by...what made this guy "boring", "stale" or "unexciting" that turned you off attraction-wise?

What did this guy do or not do, say or not say, that made you classify him this way (whether you actually dated him or not)?

Could he have done or not done, or say or not say, something that would've immediately make him desirable to you (or at least give him more of a chance)?

Please be detailed (giving examples if you want) so we can understand your reasoning and knowledge! 8-)


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  • Someone who gives me one word answers to everything would be a huge turn-off. "How's school going?" "Alright." "How's your band? Have you had any gigs this week?" "Yeah." Ugh, that's terrible.

    Someone who either never wants to leave the house or never wants to stay home. Take me out once in awhile! Girls want to be shown off, it makes us feel proud and it totally boosts our confidence. However, I don't want to go out to a party seven times a week. It's totally fine to stay home and relax sometimes.

    A guy who can never stop talking about work. Before my parents split, my dad would come home and talk for hours at a time about how much he hated this client at work, or how terrible his boss was that day, or how annoying the girl across the hall is. It gets old VERY fast.

    Someone who always has a negative attitude. We all have bad days. But seriously, when every single day of your life is "awful", it won't last long. I need someone with a positive attitude and the motivation to make the bad days as good as they can be.

    Hope this helps. :)


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  • Attraction wise, I'd say lack of imagination with dress sense and appearance, if he blends in with the crowd, hangs back a lot and doesn't say much, that just doesn't do it for me. If he looks the same as everybody else, that shows lack of creativity and personality to me.

    I would say someone was boring if they lacked of personality, no strong views, refusal to open up, uncomfortable or awkward, doesn't initiate conversation, wallows in low self esteem and own issues and someone who just goes along with what other people think bore me. That just my view anyway!

  • Like what pr3ttbr0wn said...I went on a date with a guy and he asked lots of questions like, "What's your favorite color?" and every response I gave he said, "Cool," and when I asked what his was, he said, "same as yours." With everything! Even favorite book. What kind of odds are those? I was so bored! And the conversation wasn't flowing like it should. There was no chemistry and I was grasping at straws to find something to talk about.

  • I can't stand guys who act like they agree with everything you say. you know the ones who are so lukewarm and have no personality of their own? only bending to what you say and what you like? its like they try to mirror you too much so they don't make waves that you don't get a sense of who they are. they're just pretending to be what you think they want. HOW BORING

    Doesnt make conversation well. doesn't start it and doesn't contribute to conversation. short answers. you just don't get an input of who he is

  • A guy that doesn't tease you

    Isn't enthusiastic

    Isn't making jokes

    Isn't initiating conversation

    Short replies

    Doesn't ask questions or open up

    A girl will give guys many chances, it's not like you say one thing an BOOM you're on my boring list. He's gotta make some effort. I'll give an example of something that makes me bored of a guy straight away when texting.

    Me: Hey, that shirt you had on yesterday reminded me of(blah blah whatever it may be)

    Him: oh ye lool

    This goes for real life awell, if he can't articulate himself it's a no go because communication is so important on the long run. That's all for now :P

    • WANT to be teased?

      Please explain. :)

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    • I was just teasing her!


    • Loop tease as in poking fun at me, or however you like lol. It makes the atmosphere a little more fun and easy :)

  • I was in a relationship with a rather dull guy for about 5 months. We had a pretty lively connection at first and I couldn't wait to make it stronger. But time went on and I slowly realized that there wasn't much more to him. He didn't have much to say about anything, we didn't have "deep" conversations, he didn't have a great sense of humor.

    I don't think he could have done anything about it, it's just who he is and we weren't compatible. Eventually he found someone who's okay with not talking about things much, and I found someone who I can talk to at lengths about anything.

  • Nothing a guy can particularly do except be who he is.

    What makes him interesting is whether there is a connection with the woman he's dating or not. Like one girl could find your mechanical talk interesting - whilst another will keep checking for text messages under the table.

    That's all there really is to it. You two either connect on a social level or not.

    There's no guidelines for how someone can or cannot be boring - except you either show some personality or you don't.

    Whether or not your personality is " boring " or ' stale " to your date or not - is totally dependent on your date themselves.

  • 1)Well I'm kinda random and say a lot of off the wall things without even thinking about it. If a guy can keep up with me and my everywhere-ness it makes me more engaged in conversation and I feel a better connection.

    2) if I'm meeting a someone new and all they do is talk about work, I'm going to get the impression that they don't really go out and do a whole lot, and I like someone that's adventurous, and does spontaneous things (even if it makes you look a little silly).

    3) Being overly imaginative tends to be something I can relate with as well, so I like hearing new ideas on perspectives on anything. I once had a conversation with a guy about different gadgets that would be cool to have when driving. I thought it would be pretty sweet if you could send messages to other drivers when they're driving like a jackass. Instead of just laughing it off and being like "whatever, they're cars, I don't know what I'd change" he went on to say all cars should have tempurpedic seats that can heat up OR cool down for the summer's was goofy and fun.

    Being too serious is really the only way I could find someone to be 'boring'

  • I want the guy I date to be open fun outgoing not shy and confident make me laugh smile and be dorky yet adorable and id be so happy no lies no expencive showing off just be fun and yourself

  • Hm... Few examples.

    When I ask to do something together, and the only types of response are "You pick" "I don't know" or "Whatever you want is fine." That's a bit of a let down. Once in a while is fine, but if really frequent, and he's clearly not interested in any of the things I suggest to do, it becomes an issue–I'm female, not a mind reader. Help me out a little, a relationship requires at least two people.

    What also is a bit tiring is if he's reluctant to do things out and about because he'd rather stay home, usually for electronic related entertainment. I know not all guys like going out to the woods, racing karts, the beach, camping or so on, but sometimes it's nice to head outside to spend time together, maybe do something a bit exciting. I would assume vice-versa would apply here too, for some people. If you can't get an outdoorsman inside and washed up for a cuddle, I'll bet there's some seriously lonely ladies pouting on a sofa somewhere. The point? Be flexible to trying at least one thing new, and if the partner isn't suggesting something, step forward! It's nice when the man tries to keep things new, too.

    Workaholics or guys who's attention drifts way too often, or are just plain cold– stale. He doesn't instruct or negotiate with walls, so don't make me date one. Open up, and pay attention when around the lady friend, and you'll be rewarded later for good behavior.

  • someone who agrees with everything you say and has no opinion of his own

    • I really hate it when people don't disagree or question something that I say. Not question as in saying "That's probably not right...", but question as in wanting to know more. It's really a drag to monologue about something you're interested in.

  • there's only one guy that I've met that I thought was boring. I sat next to him in a math class in high school. ALL he talked about was video games. and not even COD or Halo or stuff like was games that I've never heard about. also, sci-fi movies that I had never heard about. He was also into anime which I don't know much about. Its totally fine for him to like those things and I'm sure girls who are interested in the same things would love talking with him...but I just didn't have anything in common with him at all. As long as I can keep a conversation going with you, you won't be boring.


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  • i think guys and girls have a different definition of loser, boring.