Was it just a question, or was he hoping for more back from me?

A guy I have been hooking up with (haven't heard from him for couple of weeks) sent me an SMS asking about my weekend away and whether the surf had been good. I am not sure why he asked me as I am not much of a surfer, so I replied to say that he should probably ask one of the boys instead.

Do you think he was trying to initiate a conversation? Because in my eyes it would make more sense to ask one of the boys he knows that went with me!


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  • If you guys were hooking up, and he didn't missend that text, then he wanted to talk to you. Congrats on freezing him out!

    • Hmmmm, but I haven't heard from him for a bit & last time I saw him out he seemed really disinterested! I thought I'd answer his question the best I could (well, I couldn't so I refered him to someone else!) & then if he wanted to chat he could send another message. He didn't.

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    • it was about 4 hours ago now...i'd feel silly!

    • If you guys are flirting, you're allowed to be silly.

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