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I went to a concert with this girl I knew in High school that kept up with me on Facebook. We went out as friends to see this band that we really love and saw each other for the first time in 3 or 4 years. Anyway, this girl can is comfortable talking about anything but we kept the talk to fun until the car ride home, which turned kinda to our beliefs and thoughts on life and the universe, deep serious stuff. We really click, I mean I have never known anyone who has understood me, and projected similar frequencies back to me in the way she has, I mean it just clicked, like even better than my best friend and I do.

Anyway were almost home and she starts talking about her boyfriend and how she thinks it won't last much longer, and how a message she had sent a while back asking if all guys were a**hole and couldn't change was actually her venting anger from a fight with him that day (which really cleared things up). Anyway, she told me her boyfriend has anger issues and flipped the mattress several times before, and how he was concerned about me and her going to that concert that night.

Ladies, would you ever share something like that with someone? And if so, why?

UPDATE: After a week of no communication, she messaged me that she wants to break up with him, she wants me to talk her through it, she's afraid to be single again.


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  • If I really trusted the person I might confide in them about my problems. But I don't think I'd be so detailed (not saying she was, but just in general) about the problems or things that are between me and the current boyfriend.

    If I was that unhappy with whatever situation(s) going on I would leave him. Maybe she's looking for advice or confirmation that it would be better to leave him. Or feeling you out to see if you were open to more if the current relationship doesn't work out.

    Or maybe she was just venting to a friend... its hard to say, I don't know her.

    • @update: Well if she is interested in more than friends (not really seeking a FRIEND kind of support) I would be there for her but make sure she's not rebounding on you, if she's still interested later maybe you two can give it a try if you want.

    • Not going to lie, when she messaged me with that I freaked out. Were really not close in the sense we talk a lot or that we see each other often. But when we do make little contact, its like there's no distance. I tried to initiate a conversation with her on posting stuff from the concert, and congratulating her on her new job, but nothing came from it. I was hoping to just have a normal conversation with her before she sprung something like this on me.

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  • Maybe she's kinda scared but wants to be cool about it or wants to warn you that he may try to start something if you meet up.

  • flipped the mattress several times

    what does that mean?

  • If I didn't respect him, wanted to make a fool out of myself, wanted to talk bad about him and possibly turn people away from him, yes.

    So basically no. XD I would have kept quiet but I would have broken up with him.


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