Tell me what to do with this guy, I really don't know how to react !!

We were a great friends we had some fights because he want us to be more than a friend and I said OK but after that he changed his mind and start to act weird which its break my heart to losing your best friends and the one you start to love we had some fight then we back together as a friends but the tension still. till we go to a trip together he reopen the subject once again and we talk about it and he said he want me to be his sis he usually don't talk about it and I said OK to let the things go because I don't want to loose him because I really care about him and he is very close to me, but later on that night I realize that he just said that because he don't want to feel guilt about so I told him that I don't want to be your sis and I can't be. and I'm out of your life because I want to see what I really meant to him. but he didn't say anything and didn't talk to me like he didn't really care. and I didn't talk to him as well. a few days later I had to ask him about something and we had this huge fight without any reason without even saying anything he start to talking like a jerk with me he really disappointed me with his action and I start to ask him what's wrong texting him without any answer form his side later that night we talk over chat he start to talk to me like a jerk and ask me what do you really want for me ? and I can't give what you really want even thought that I didn't ask for anything..

He really broke my heart that night with his way of talking to me and I'm not used to this kind of reaction from him and he said he want to be out for the best.

I'm really disappointed he is acting like we are in high school and we know each other since ages and I know everything you could imagine about him.. I don't know what to do with him I want him back and at the same time confused about what he did to me and his way of talking to me like jerk.

Please tell what to do


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  • Tell him to f*** off and then start looking for a new guy. He is a douchebag.

    IF you want to try to fix this with him, there are a couple ways to do it. 1)No contact for you. I know you said you did this, but you didn't. A couple days doesn't count. Really, really don't contact him until he gets in touch with why and acts like a human being again. Don't email, text, chat anything...ZERO CONTACT. This works with guys because we are ot very smart and we rarely realize what we have until she is gone or with another dude. 2)The better option is prob to hand write a letter that explains your feelings for him and the fact that you want to be more than friends and why. Then in the letter tell hi, that you cannot be friends, it's a couple or nothing. If he wants you to contact you and work on things, but as a couple. I like the hand written letter here because he cannot argue with a letter and the chances that he actually understands what you are trying to tell him goes up a great deal. When we yell at each other, we rarely get our points across.

    My guess is that since he broke it off with you or backed out last time that he THINKS you will do that to him this time and he doesn't want to get hurt. He does not want to invest a lot into the relationship as a cuple because the more he does the more he will get hurt. I believe if you can actually talk to him with out fighting and you explain that you really truly like him, that you aren't going to hurt him and the relationship you two have as a couple could be amazing, then he will come around.

    I hope it works out for you! Let us know if we can help more.

    Always remember, as much as you like this guy, it is not worth having a crappy relationship, just so you don't lose him. There are plenty of guys out there that will treat you the way you deserve to be treated!

    • He knows better than myself so he'll surly know that I won't hurt him because I really care about as my best friend how If I do love. what is bother me that he throw everything away and act like jerk last night I don't know why, maybe he want me to hate him to let him go. all he is thinking about that I still have feelings for him and I didn't forget the whole thing at all and I'm am not acting like a best friend, but a lover which that really didn't happen

    • It doesn't matter how well he knows you, he thinks he is going to get hurt. I would bet anything on it. This is classic self-destruction to ensure he doesn't get his heart broken. It is textbook!

    • So should I leave him and just ignore him. It's bother that I lost my best friend and in the same time the one that I'd like him to be my love. and the problem that's he is acting like nothing happened and he is not bothering at all from what happened!

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  • Maybe you are still falling in deep love with your best friend. you don't want to let it go cause you think he completely doesn't care about you. It 's really a torture for both of you guys. When fighting, we all act like a jerk and say something really malicious.Don't take what we heard in fighting so seriously.some days later, when you feel calmed and then talk to him. think carefully about your current relationship and clear that whether you wanna be friends or morn than friends.

    • He didn't left any way to talk to him again he really broke my heart when he talked to me in that way maybe he did't in purpose but that doesn't an excuse I know him since ages. I don't want to loose him as my best friend because of a mistake even if I have emotion for him. I'm very attached to him and he knows that. and I don't really know to to act with him if I'm close to him he start to get off and if I'm off he start approaching me and ask where have you been

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