It's my first date! Need help.

so I'm having my first date today and I don't know how to act any help?


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  • How about naturally? If he doesn't like it, then there'll be no second date and you can go off and find someone who appreciates the natural you.

    • hmm yeah but 'm nervous somehow =/

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    • hahahah This must be the funniest date ever if he asked those Qs. hmm I'm trying to know him well..Wish me luck ! =) Thank you..Much love x

    • They're conversation starters, that's all they need to be lol. You're welcome. Good luck

  • It's cliche, but just be yourself. He's probably nervous too. Just try to relax and be confidant in yourself. Be happy, smile lots :) laugh. Basically just enjoy yourself, and he will see what a fun person your are to be around :D

    • Really? but can I have any hints (apart from smiles) , please help me. I'm left with one hour only =/