What do you think? A continuation of the original story (warning long read and link inside to part 1)

He isn't surprised and tells her as such. Though she wants him to dump her for what she has done...he contemplates it, and decides to forgive her and give her another shot. This baffles her and she tries to talk him out of it but it doesn't work.

Two days pass and things abruptly get better, she wants to see him, always talking to him, etc. Goes on for a week, then she reverts back to her original behavior...hasn't cheated on him again but isn't treating him the best way...This goes on for 2 weeks and both of them are having small fights about it. Then there's a last fight where he tries to resolve these issues with her but all she does is get bitchy, insult him, yelling at him, claiming she doesn't care, clamming up, refusing to talk, etc; and just wants him gone...so they decide to end it and she tells him the usual lines of you can't make someone love you. He agrees and wishes to remain friends with her, but she refuses to answer on that.

Time passes, they still talk but it's very minor; and he has let it go, also assuming she has too. So he's moved on back to womanizing/playing the field until one day weeks later, he receives a message from his ex telling him she misses him...this confuses him and they talk about it but she won't come to him. A month of that passes and she keeps avoiding seeing him but keeps telling him she wants it back and that she misses him...he doesn't believe this and turns into a d***, questioning her, calling her out, raging etc but she sticks to telling him these things until he finally asks if this is a giant joke...to which she gets extremely pissed and they talk, he mentions she's not the only girl since he's been single for some time now and he gets even colder ending with he should stop wasting her time if he's got someone.

And that's where it ends

link to part 1: link


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  • She's playing games he needs to give her his own medicine then that's it. well I will re read it as its interesting and so much information

  • oh good for him totally move on


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