Why Call Me When She Canceled The Date?

A little over 9 months ago a friend of mine reconnected. I tried setting up something up, but she said it wouldn't work that day. Well than she tried setting something up and everything was going as planed until I get to the restaurant. Text message from her canceling the date. She gave me hard to get at a time where I worried about her. But I stayed strong.

I than gave her hard to get and and we began talking again. I tried setting something up for her birthday but she pretty much let it collapse, Now a couple months later I get a call. Why Call me when she canceled the date?

She hasn't replied back and I'm letting her come to me. Not chasing her very short leash with me. Let's just say she already knows she's good looking and when first encountering her I told myself I'd be lucky even to be considered a friend.


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  • Some girls string one guy along, who they contact only when they need their egos boosted after they've been crushed by some other guy.

    Not 100% sure, but you could be this guy.

    • For her sake she better hope not. She's on a short leash after letting her birthday collapse and she knows it too.

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    • Yep agreed its too bad she's trying to provoke my darker half. Oh well, her loss not mine. I can be contempt with friends because some people are just that: friends.

    • That's the spirit. Plenty of more fish in the sea :)

  • I think that honestly, if she's reaching for you, she misses you. perhaps she had something else going on on those days, or just didn't want to go out with you, but not because she doesn't like you, just because she didn't felt like it.


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