I told a guy I wouldn´t kiss him, now he´s resentful?

Were both 16- 3 weeks ago, we had been talking a lot for the last couple of days through text. For some reason, he asked if I liked kissing lol.

Him: Do you like kissing?

Me: Maybe lol.

Him: Come on, tell me.

Me: You never know :P

Him: Be honest, itll stay between us.

Me: It depends on the guy. (I didn't want to sound like a slut and didn't want him to suggest being friends with benefits).

Him: How does it depended on the guy?

Me: Well, I'm not going to go around making out with any guy I know, if that's what you were wondering haha".

Him:"Do I count as one of ' those guys you know' ?"

... I kinda like him, but I didn't want him to look at me as his kissing buddy, or him telling around all of his friends that I said I would kiss him (has happened to me before). So..

Me: "You probably are, but no hard feelings please lol".

After this he said how he was hurt by me calling him "any guy I know". I apologized in case that it hurt him. He has only texted me twice since then, answering with short answers even though HE initiates contact. Well I kinda miss him, so yesterday I texted him

Me:Hey, remember me?lol.

Him: "Well Hi, why are you remembering this "any guy you know"?

WHAT SHOULD I ANSWER HIM?Im afraid I already screwed things up, but I want to fix it, without being desperate. So what should I answer?

He asked me to be his girlfriend in 8th grade lol, I said no, but we flirted a lot for like half a year lol. He tried hitting on me at the beginiing of 10th grade, but I didn't feel the same so that stopped. It´s during summer break that he has been hitting on me. Before his happened...

Him: We should hang out next week.

Me: Yeah sure.

Him: What are you thinking of?What are you allowed to do?

Me: Lets go to the country club or something.

Him: With who else?

Me: I don't know, it doesn't really matter.

Him: Or do you want us to go by ourselves?

Me: I don't really care:)

What should I answer to "Well Hi, why are you remembering this "any guy you know"? ?That just get things straight once and for all. I do like him by the way, but don't wanna go licking his ass lol after him taking the conv too seriously.


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  • Just tell him that he's a great guy and an even better friend but you don't want to go out with him because if it doesn't work out you don't want to lose him

    • i do wanna go out with him lol.

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    • i actually tried this lol and now it worked.

    • G4U I'm happy for u;)

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  • Well I will say you missed the chance early on to control the situation they way you would have liked by putting him into his own special category of: "guy you might kiss if the circumstances were right" that way he doesn't feel lumped into the "just any guy" thing that clearly made him a little depressed because obviously he was into you and felt a little rejected afterward. I would say it's a touch late to try and pull that one back if he's going to keep bringing it up he's still a little sore... BUT, he's still hopefull by asking you to hang out. So you haven't completely lost him.

    Just be honest with him you both obviously like each other but you aren't going to launch into kissing him on day one, it has to feel right and forcing it is just going to make things awkward but you do want to start getting closer to him so start with that.

    • he asked me to hangout before this all happened. But he's asking me to try and give him a chance.

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    • The first time I've ever heard about a social group where Kissing is the goal, but I suppose if I substituted that with sex or anything else it would be about the same. Just a different act to brag about. I'm glad you seemed to have figured it out for yourself without making a mistake you might have regretted!

    • Defnitely, maybe the goal ldepends on culture? who knows. well, actually I may go to give them something to talk about lol, and to get over my ex.

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