First Kiss, Is he the right guy?

So, I'm 16 and I got my first kiss last night, it was good for what it lasted. We were wrestling and I ended up on top. I basically layed on top of him, haha. I pulled my hair out of my ponytail and he reached up and kissed me at the exact moment. This electric feeling went through my entire body. I was paralyzed for a split second. He didn't move either. What does it mean? Is he the right guy for me?


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  • You may want to avoid basing assumptions solely on temporal chemistry. After all, your interpretation of his flavor will change depending on time of the month, as well as other factors. Cracked has an article on how your body and brain will lie to you, and this is one way it does.

    Does he share your values? On politics? On religion? Any slight variations? What are his plans for a future career path? What are yours? How does he intend to finance you? Does he want children? What will he do if you get pregnant? Does he believe in marriage? How will you prepare if you mess up? Have you started planning for college...where you'll go, how you intend to pay for student loans (which will cripple you for the next 20 years of your life)? Does he have a clean record, or is he a career criminal?

    That's just the tip. The iceberg there is massive. You'll want to get those details and more sorted. Does he respect your family? Does yours respect him? Does his respect you?

    If the answer is no to any of the questions I've supplied, you may be in trouble. Love is respect; determination, commitment to what is right even if it's not what you want, patience, vigilance, it's diffusing bombs and avoiding land mines.

    Love is not butterflies and roses. That's infatuation. Love is not a hot shower and the smell of baby powder and pumpkin pie in the air. That's lust.

    Take heed these words. They may not make sense to you at 16; but they'll begin to come into focus when you hit 26.


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  • That shock was likely nervous butterflies. It was likely due to inexperience and not necessarily him being the "right guy" for you. That's my opinion.

  • You are 16 and might want to kiss other guys to get a feel for if it was him or just the excitement of the kiss that got to you. Realize this... he may not feel as strongly for you as you do for him. It sucks when you are crushing more than someone else.


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