Can we talk of a connection via internet for a couple who never met in reality ?

There is a guy I really feel that we are close to each other, but we are from different continents it is not that I do not find someone in the real world but I cannot identify with anyone who asked me out in real world. help me out please


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  • I have to agree with the first noter. Long-distance relationships, especially if you've never seen each other or have been with each other, don't usually work out. I don't want to be a party pooper, but I think you'll find yourself in a rather difficult situation, and you'll never be fully satisfied with this relationship and you'll grow tired of it after a while.

    If you can't find someone you can establish a real connection with, well, be patient. I'm sure there's someone outhere. But I don't think that a relationship over the Internet can ever work out. I'm sorry.


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  • From my experience, relationships across continents are rarely satisfying, unless one day you two can be together in the same country. Otherwise, you'll always feel alone and like you need something more from your partner, who can't provide it because they're too far.

    It's your choice of what to do with that information though.