Making a bet for a first kiss? guys/girls what do you think

so for our 2nd date I went with my boyfriend to watch him race (he was in a total of 3) after the first he told me that if he placed in the top 5 I would have to kiss him. guys why would he approach our first kiss like this. if he wanted to kiss me right then why didn't he? is he acting immature or just seeing how much I really liked him?

we aren't going out anymore but are on good speaking terms


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  • That sounds cool, I did that once with another girl as a prize. she thought it was cool. Why did you break up, you like being a homewrecker?

    • not at all! just didn't end up having a whole lot in common

    • oh. lol you should find that out before you get into a relationship. now you have to wait till the sloppy second wears off. xD jk man

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