Is this a good way to ask him to kiss me?

To start off I'm dating this guy named Chris. We have been dating for three weeks now and I'm really tempted to kiss him nearly every time I see him. Yet it seems every time we're together it's raining, which works to my advantage.

My plan is to take him for a walk along the path. Then when we're next to a large patch of trees I'll stop him and say "Give me 10 seconds to run in there,"I'll point to the forest"then come in after me and once you've found me kiss me,just kiss me."

What do you think of my plan?If you have a better idea list it in you're answer.

Just one thing I forgot I don't live in a very overly populated town and know most of the people who live here.Main point: I don't want a huge amount of people to see it.


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  • um yea, nooooo. the best plan, is just to go for a walk, lean on him a bit while you're walking, stop, and turn to him, while holding him close, then just look him in the eyes, and start going in for it, he'll get the hint, and go for it... but as a guy, my personal advice, don't tell him you want him to kiss you, and don't do what you had planned, it'll make him really nervous.

    • Thank's,I really apreciate your answer and consideration to my situation.

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    • no prob, always been told I'm a caring guy lol

    • well you are and if you don't mind my asking why are you still looking at this it's been nearly half an hour since you answered the question

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