Do guys call you when they know they got you pissed?

guy I'm seeing was texting me and he was being a little douchey/annoying. then I didn't respond for about 15 minutes and he called me. he just started a normal conversation but did mention the topic and I'm sure he could tell I was slightly annoyed.

it was after he got out of work, which is often when he calls me just to talk anyway. but it isn't a daily call at this time.

so do you think he called because he thought I may have been annoyed at him? or was he just thinking of me and wanting to talk?


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  • When my boyfriend upsets me or thinks he's upset me, he calls or texts me and asks me if I'm okay. He apologizes until I say I'm okay, and sometimes he still apologizes after that. He probably wanted to talk to you, but also thought you might be upset. Notice that he didn't mention the topic. He probably didn't want to get his ass chewed out.

  • Depends on he guy. I prefer a guy to call when I'm mad because it seems like they don't care if they don't. One guy I knew didn't bother to call and then he wondered why I was mad at him even more when he didn't call or just vanishes because I was mad at him. I'm not going to cool off because he had a pattern of