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I need advice on contacting a guy that I am currently interested in. He is currently out of state on an internship and we are both busy. But we text a few times. We talk to each other as friends which is what I want to be with him first rather than jumping into a relationship.


1) I do not like texting, but in a world in which everyone does...I have no choice.

2) I am usually the one texting him first which quite a few times because I am busy also with summer school, and I do not want intrude too much on his concentration on his internship. But he would always answer back and join in the talking. But then the convo is cut short.

3) I love having intelligent convos with him in person. And he doesn't mind me being random and witty on text. But I want to get him to talk himself as well. instead of me conjuring up something. I want to focus on him in convos.

How can I keep a conversation going with an Aquarius man when it comes to texting?

How can I get him to text me and better yet call me so that we can get the convos done over a short time rather than waiting to hear what the other person says?

How can I get him to contact me first for a few times when he is not busy?



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  • okay I will answer but please do me a favor and answer my question too in behavior.. thanks

    first and aquarius is emotionally distant because they can't understand why people have them or why they cause people to ask like we do..emotionally ..they are normally in there own world so its not that he doesn't like you or think about you they just are alway thinking on the next move and how to make the world better ..just keep it honest with him cause he will never know unless do to the fail to recept others emotional actions.. but be careful they can be afraid of catching emotions for others to .. so be aware..


    • kind of. remember too we HAVE emotions we just maybe don't yell them to everyone or trust someone enough. just because they aren't in your face doesn't mean they're not there.

      true just be honest...but just make sure its appropriate to say you like him...depends...could be months to be ok.

    • also its not that we can't understand them lol but why make a show of it or be dramatic also when someone being overly emotional I just think geeze there's people in the world who have real issues and your whining or trying to be gooey when you are already so close to me in my mind yet you want morw more more? eeek

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  • ..maybe talk about sea-food


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  • Ask him about his day or try to take interest or at least listen to what he's saying about it.

    just do what your doing. If he wants to he will reach out to you. also if you be a bit distant h may start to wonder about where you've gone if your important he'll want to mend it more.

    just TELL him you'd like it or remind him he can always call or text you when he's free or bored, you'd like to hear from him.

    Ultimately be wise about how often you text and I can't tell you to much becaus ei don't know the content or his responses to you. He needs his space too. Just continue to be intelligent, not clingy or needy or to worried about why he's gone or not talking to you every week and be there when he comes back or talks to you. You can still chat with him but be open to the possibility he may not want to talk, nothing to do with you he's just got a million other things on his mind.

    Trust me on these matters ;)

  • Why don't you just worry about talking to him like a normal person, and not basing your interactions and decisions on something as stupid and trivial as an astrological sign?

    • well. without that whole astrology stuff. that's just basically what I have trouble on those questions below. I didn't know what else to call him.

    • you could just say "Advice about texting and Contacting a Man?"

    • could...but I just kept typing.

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