Why did she tell me this?

We went on a magnificent date, she told me it was absolutely wonderful and she had a lot of fun. However, she told me a few days after that she thought we should get to know each other better before doing something like that again. But when telling her I'd like to do some things she says we will have to do them or we can make that happen. I guess I am slightly confused as to why she would all of the sudden withdrawal but still jump at opportunities to do somethings. Please give me some insight.


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  • She may be overthinking the situation at hand or unsure about how she feels about you.. Depending on how she feels about you would be the answer I have.. Maybe at the time of the date she felt compelled to say it was good but maybe it wasn't.. Maybe it was to typical or some way you changed on he date I would just look back at the date and if you think of anything out of the norm then use that but if it seemed like a really good night than it is probably the girls feeling towards you..


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