Am I wasting my time? should I keep trying or move on?

; Well to begin I met her at uni. she's 20 and I m just turned 19. I met her when I guided and helped her with her law assignment. Saw her again in a lecture , spoke to her, shook her hands and exchanged names. Added her on fb. Then we had a stats assignment which everyone struggled on. She told me she remembered me and needed help and was taking control. But I didn't cause I promised to help another friend of mine.She teased me about about me liking that person but I just said that person was just a friend. I gave her my phone number. So she texted me, I helped her one Saturday afternoon together alone . She told me her views, values, opinions, her thoughts of her friends sleeping around, how she's not raised that way. How a 21 year old guy is partying to much etc and barely passes uni. And then she would fb me early the morning telling em she completed her accounting assignment etc, we sat in a lecture together alone. She saw me studying for my upcoming test which she has done before, she wrote my notes etc , grabbed paper for me and was willing to bring me a copy of her old test. anyways I didn't know she had a boyfriend. So ignored her for about 3 to 4 weeks. Focused on my studies and myself. After our finals , I saw her walking out of the gym, we had casual talk. she told me that she broke up with her boyfriend out of the blue. Anyways on my birthday I told her to meet me at town at night ( the night life / clubs) she said she's already there. I said " meet up?" she said "maybz!" so I replied " I m assuming its a yes ;) " I didn't get a reply till the next morning and she apologized on how her phones battery died. Anyways I just left it. On Monday I saw her at the gym again she asked how my birthday was etc and I asked how was her night , she told me she went home early etc and I said I ll just see her around cause I wanted to do my own thing. Anyways I texted her today around the afternoon, the day ahs passed and got no reply. Am I wasting my time? should I move on? or keep trying?


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  • Keep trying.

    • ; Why do you think I should keep trying? is there anything I could be doing wrong or what?

    • Because you have doubts. If you keep trying, you'll get to the point that you will find out for sure as to whether or not she's into you. More circumstances will avail themselves to you, and you'll have more of a chance to judge in the future. Don't base your decision upon this small instance. Give it time and more opportunity to see.

    • ; Yes that's true I do have doubts -.- . But I guess I ll stay in for a bit longer and observe what's happening

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