He's a bad kisser, how to change that?

My boyfriends a bad kisser and I don't know how to change that. He always seems to scrape his teeth against my lips and when he sticks his tongue out, he doesn't move it or anything and I don't want to tell him. is there anyway I can fix this problem?


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  • Tell him to gently suck on your tongue when you put yours in his mouth and then you will do the same to him, ask him how it felt, then ask him to massage your tongue with his, this will get him moving around in your mouth in the effort to massage your tongue, it will then get better to kiss him, he obviously has not kissed many girls and he is opening his mouth to wide, so getting him to suck on your tongue will make him notice that your mouth does not have to be wide open to kiss, and he won't mind you coaching him, because all guys want to become great kissers,x

  • There is no way you can change this without telling him, but that's not something you should be scared of. Pretty much every guy on the planet wants to be as good as they can possibly be at kissing and sex, just tell him what you'd like him to do and it's a pretty safe bet he'll do it -and keep on doing it until you tell him to stop.

    If he gets butt-hurt because you tell him, it's his fault for being a whiney little bitch, not yours.


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