I know the girls but they don't know me? Should I approach them? haha

Three years ago I've met a girl but she was already engaged. She added me on fb and before I deleted my account I went on her 2 youngest sisters' profiles out of curiosity and somehow I still remember them.

I bumped into the oldest one and she is already married and has a baby.

The second one is going to the same college as I am.

I saw the youngest one working at one of the stores. I even bought my shorts there. I asked her a few questions and that was her lol

It feels so weird that I know them and they don't know me. Just because of that it feels weird for me to approach them. What steps should I take?

I do want to meet them out of curiosity now haha

They are the 3 hottest sisters I've ever saw =)


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  • go ahead