How many of you love being single and why?

Once I loved a girl truly and she dumped me and now with another guy, problem is..

Now I still remember her and completely lost interest to date or love any other :/

Please help me, now I want to completely forget her ..

If you are single and happy...suggest me how to be..


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  • I'm not single currently. I love my relationship. However, I also love being single as well.

    I find that you get different kinds of happiness from each situation. Like this:

    Dating - companionship, someone to laugh with, physical needs being met, deeper social needs being met, someone warm to fall asleep with, etc. (Generally, this can be a very rewarding option. I get a lot of happiness out of this.)

    Single - Freedom, less things to worry about, more time to self, more selections in terms of people, often more time with friends, etc. (This can also be very nice. You'll have to enjoy your own company though.)

    I find that single isn't always for everyone. I'm happy even when single because I'm a self confident person. Many people feel worthless and horrible about themselves when they are dumped. Some people still rely on others to make themselves feel okay. In this case, the person would find being single absolute hell. Perhaps longing for the wonderful things that came from the relationships they once had.

    It sounds to me like your heart has been broken and it hasn't healed. You're still hurting. It may take some time before you can feel better at all. Just know...that you don't need her to make you feel better again.

    Here's my idea! Go out lots with your friends, okay? Even if you didn't want to go out, try to push yourself. Staying at home might just keep your mind spinning, and keep you wounded for longer. I find that even if I didn't want to go out at all, I always end up having a great time :) Just going out for a drink with everyone, maybe some wings, a movie, a night of xbox or something...They will pick you up and help you. ^_^

    Best of luck, okay?

    • Okay..Thank you SO much Komo?

      Its actually a nice idea and sounds motivating :)

      From now, I ll follow your idea and spend most of my time with my friends, I hope that it ld help erasing those memories.

    • You're so welcome ^_^ <3

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  • I appreciate being single because most relationships are drama and bullsh*t.

    I think that most relationships these days revolve around sex and very surface things or people jump into relationships because they don't want to be single. They just want to be loved and have someone to do relationship things with someone. That doesn't mean they care for their SO any less. Relationships demand you to cater a lot of your attention, time, and energy into one person. It requires a lot of time to get to know them fully and to maintain a strong, sturdy relationship with them. I like being single because I get to be selfish. Honestly, a lot of guys are really sh*tty and I just don't think they are worth all of my precious, divine energy. I know that's harsh, but it's true! So many guys go around being total pigs and being on really good behavior if they like you or if they want to get in your pants, but it's often just a great act. When I' single, I don't have to worry about that crap. My life is all mine, I don't have to share it. I can decide to organize my life with activities that I really love and enjoy without having to worry about spending time with a boyfriend.

    Idk about you all, but I stay single unless a really special guy comes along. Otherwise, for the most part, I feel like it's just temporary guys in my life wasting space because they don't belong there.

    • "My Life is all mine, I don't have to share it" awesome quote, Thanx

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  • Time heals all wounds.. Ull never forget what this girl did to you. just don't take your pain out on the next one. But the only way to be happy, is by working on yourself.. Once your happy with yourself, some1 will come into your life, and make your happiness even happier by showering it with love!

    I suggest a whole week of "doings" Do things that make you happy, or try things you have never done before, that should help you out with a new scheduale.

  • Being single helps me realize that I am truly happy alone, and I can wait for someone who will make my life better. It allows me the ability to screen girls instead of just getting into a relationship because I feel lonely

  • I don't love being single. But it has its advantages. You have less obligations

  • i love to be single because I save a lot of money I dnt have restrictions I can avoid headaches nobody will point my frnds and it gives me time to do my work thinking less about some1

  • i like being able to bang whoever I want without an annoying needy jealoused girl breathing down my neck

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