Need advice about 2 guys and why my head makes me act this way?

I love my boyfriend very much, but when I see this other think I always wonder what it would be like with him. Advice?


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  • Has the lust, attraction died down between you and your bf?

    Are you in love with him, or do you just love him?

    Is he more like a best friend now?


    How do you know 'The Mr'?

    What does The Mr have that your boyfriend doesn't?

    How do you feel about The Mr? More than just physical attraction?

    • Im in love with my boyfriend and I am very happy with him. But I thought about your questions... Actually answering them in my head really helped. It must be just a physical attraction, something like when you guys crush over Megan Fox hehe. I hardly know the other guy, I don't even know his last name in all honesty LOL

    • Well that's all it is, the handsome mystery man has caught your eye, common. And as soon as your paths divert from each other, he'll be forgotten, your boyfriend is safe for now :)

    • Thanks for your answer :)

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  • You need to learn to be alone. And stop looking at the "what if". Cause one day when you wanna get married. no1 will marry you.


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