How do you know a guy is a good kisser?

i have never kissed a guy in the mouth but on the cheek yea.

& I might have my 1st kiss on saturday so I don't know how can I tell if

hes a good kisser? & how should I kiss him or how should we kiss?

please help mee :]


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  • The most important thing to remember is that kisses should be enjoyable. Being a "good" kisser can mean different things to different people. Some people like gentler kisses, slow and soft with slight pressure on the lips and more subtle sensations. Others like aggressive kisses, which ignore the subtleties and focus on unreserved passion with open mouths, tongues, and don't mind being a little sloppy. And of course there are a million combinations in between.

    Essentially: If it's a good kiss, you'll know it.


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  • Meh, Just let it happen. Even if you stress constantly about it for the next week, it ain't gonna get any easier. I mean, I'm sure there's plenty of "tips" out there, but kissing just ends up being a natural thing between two people, and every kiss with every other person will be different. Just remember, don't panic, and its pretty impossible to mess up a kiss so just go for it.

    And hey, since its going to be your first kiss, it'll be the best kiss you've ever had!

    • Thanks :]

      haha yeaa but he's kinda tall so I don't know if ima be able to

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    • Haha..ighht :]

      yea and since were going to the movies were gonna watch a movie and during the movie we'll stop and kiss and that will be perfect :D

    • Glad you've got a positive outlook!

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  • The best advice for you is just go for it,n don't think about anything (anything like OMG,am I doing it right?is he liking it?..etc etc) while you are kissing him because if you let your mind wonder off you wouldn't be able to enjoy and feel the kiss and probably think you did it wrong..there is no right or wrong way of kissing!

    If you feel comfortable kissing him and enjoy it-consider him a good kisser!-ryte now you can't exactly really knw whether he is good enough of not because he is going to be ur first one.

    There is no specific way of kissing...start off wid basics and if you are comfy with it let it go a step ahead..use your imagination!