Moving into same apartment building as ex. too weird?

Here is the situation: after completing one year of graduate school, I decided it wasn't for me and decided to look for work. It took a while to find full time work so I ended up having to stay with a friend while I was interviewing. I was also working a part time retail job-about an hour drive from friend's house. The commute was bad.

During that time, my boyfriend showed me a vacancy in his building for $625 in downtown los angeles. But then we broke up. I have been without a home for two months, it has been two months since we broke up. I tried to find something else during that time but it is the only apartment I can afford. We are not on speaking terms.

my parents basically told me to move but just don't talk to him, if necessary keep conversations short and cordial, focus on the new full time job and career goals.

My main concern is, I don't want him to think I am stalking him. I know it is a weird situation so I am having one of my guy friends help me move my stuff in to make sure everything goes smoothly.

I forgot to mention the apartment is on the same floor but think we are on different schedules. I move in July 1st bu starting July 9th, will be working 8am-5pm 80 hours a week at a museum and he works 1pm-10pm but less than 40 a week


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  • I wouldn't put too much stress over it, I would maintain my focus on my job rather than worrying about what my ex might assume.


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  • no, I don't think so, if you are on decent terms, then no issue. I would

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