Would men be put off or like it???

Would men like it if I was just very upfront and told him I liked him instead of waiting for him to do it? or would he be very put off by that?

What would be going through your head for each scenario?


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  • Well, if the guy is the outgoing, confident type, there's a good chance he would have already told you, assuming he isn't already seeing someone else. If the guy is more reserved, or he thinks you've friend-zoned him, then by all means, telling him is the way to go.

    Either way, I would lean more towards telling him straight up, because even if he says "no" for whatever reason, you know to move on and find a guy that is available. If he DOES want you, then you don't have to bite your nails wondering, and you can get about dating each other ASAP. Go for it.

    • Yeahhh! Thank you :)

      I feel like guys would be shocked to have the woman go out and be "hey I like you" lol

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    • I will! I won't do the school girl thing thought that isn't my style lol :P But I will do it as soon as I can and report back.

      Over andd out!

    • Well, whatever you're comfortable doing, just remember he isn't going to see it coming one way or another, so just try to do it when you're having fun/flirting/teasing/laughing/etc and you catch a break in the action. Good luck!

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  • Personally, I would LOVE it if a girl told me straight up what she wanted - but then, I'm useless at reading people's signals (to the extent where a friend of mine is convinced I have Asperger's), so for me it would make everything so much easier.

    You could always get a friend to tell him but that you made her "promise not to tell him".

  • Who does it doesn't matter, so long as you get the message out somehow. Ignore the consequences and just go for it. Playing it safe is not living.

  • It's a good thing. Being clear about your intentions make things easier for everyone.

    There's no warranty you'll receive an approving reply, but hey - when there ever were any warranties when it comes to getting dates?

    If you're the girl from your profile picture you should be quite self-assured and it's very likely that whoever is your 'target' likes you aswell.

    But even if the guy will not respond positively it's no big deal.

    In almost all of cases when the approach is rejected it's because there is something wrong with that person who was approached not with who made the approach - we call them 'issues'

  • you should go ahead and tell him but be prepared for any outcome to happen


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