Is it OK to talk to a guy's cousin that you dated?

I dated a guy for a couple of months. He drank too much and that's why I stopped talking to him. I met his cousin a couple of times through him and he's really nice. The cousin is a police officer in my area and he knows my car, he pulled me over jokingly on my way to work, and started talking to me and asked if I was still with his cousin, I said no and he gave me his number saying if I ever get pulled over to call him and hell get me out of it...the guy I was dating really likes me a lot but I just don't like him like that, would it be wrong for me to talk to his cousin? we weren't ever together and me and the cousin are much more alike, and he's more my type, what do you think?


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  • No that's bad. You gotta make sure the guy is willing to be there for you and defend you if your ex gets mad this is different but I guess you might find out if the guy that's more your type will stay with you and be by your side

    • hes not my ex though, we were never together.

    • that changes everything then lol its all good go 4 it

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