Confused after 1st date?

I’ve never had a guy who confused me so much. I met C through our mutual friends, Sarah and Daniel, who are in a committed relationship with each other and we all know that. C asked my number, we texted a bit, and we went on a date. The date was fun, we had dinner and I invited him to watch a game with me and my friends at a bar afterward. My friend Sarah says she thinks C likes me a bit, because at the bar he watched over me when a creepy guy was trying to talk to me, and he asked Sarah if he should jumped into me and that creepy guy. He sat next to me at the bar the whole time and asked if he could hold my hands at the end of date (which I jokingly replied “wow you look so tipsy”). He texted me after he got home and suggested meeting for dinner again. I replied sure. So overall, I got a feeling that he is interested, at least. I also smiled and touched him lightly on our date to let him know I’m interested too.

Then, no contact for days! So I initiated a text saying casual stuff and even though he still replied, I could tell he acts distant, didn’t flirt back like the way he did on the first date and before the date. Sarah also told me he asked her to join his friends at a bar next week but he never tells me this.

So I’m so confused. It seems he likes me on first date, then totally back off. This guy is leaving in 2 months so I know I shouldn’t invest so much time on him. (P.S. He never tries to make a physical move on me. Our conversation is never sexual, but he did say I can come visit his place sometimes, in a friendly way).

What do you think?


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  • he;s leaving it two months... don't waste your time on his mind games

    if he wants you let him come to you.

    dont stress over this casual fling.