Change in texting behavior?

i met this guy at a coffee shop a month ago, he asked for my number and we started texting. at first, he would text really detailed texts to me, asking about hobbies, interests and such. he asked me out to hang out with him so over the past month we've hung out a couple of times and had a lot of fun. while we were hanging out and talking, he told me he isn't really a texting type of guy (he thinks it's too slow), that besides a couple of buddies I'm the only other person he texts. so now I've noticed his texts aren't so long anymore, we don't really have conversations over text (we only use it plan meetups). looking back at past texts, he used a lot of smilies, but now his texts are way more casual and chill. just wondering if maybe its because we're more comfortable with each other now...or does it seem like he's losing interest?


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  • It could be both but I think it's because you know each other now. I don't think he's losing interest cause like you said 'we only use it plan meetups' , I'm not sure if he still wanted to meet up if he got bored of you. Do you guys still have fun when meeting up?

    • yeah we talk a lot when we see each other and have lots of fun, so maybe I'm just being paranoid lol cus it changed so dramatically..wasn't even like he gradually texted less and less.

      but I guess he's just being a guy and doesn't like texting lmao

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