Could he have been wondering if I was there with her?

Ok, so there this hot security guard who always stares at me each time I get up to walk. But he does this a numerous of time in one like he's checking me out like 3x in a day. He's really quiet tho and when eh stares he does it with a normal facial expression but as he's distracted and he thanks idk. We have talked before but simple small talk. But he always sees me with my female friend, my female friend is a big girl. Today my friend told me she saw the security guard and that when she saw him, she looked again at him to make sure it was him, to find him looking back at her also. This guard always see me with her, could he have been wondering if I was there with her as to why he TURNED back to look at her?


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  • He's a guard.

    His job is to be attentive and aware, he probably just recognized her and double checked to make sure it was the person he thought it was.

    • The thing is he wasn't working. He wasn't working his shift.

    • yeah but you don't really "turn off" a job like that at the end of the day. And think of it this way wouldn't you double check to make sure if you thought you recognized someone from work?

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