GUYS: If you ask general questions about guys, WHY?

Hi guys!

I was wondering. If you ask a girl general questions about guys, like;

- What do you think about shy guys?

- Do you like tattoos on guys?

- Do you think guys should take more initiative?

You get my drift..

Why do you ask a girl that question? Is it because you like her and want her opinion so that you can be/do what she likes, or is it more because you just want to hear a girl's general opinion?


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  • A girl's general opinion. Asking the girl you like would make you seem desperate to please her.


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  • I don't really fit this profile, but some guys do ask questions about the type of guy a girl likes because they want to see how they measure up I guess. I just figure if she seems interested I her type lol.

  • He's trying to figure out if he is your type/if you would like a guy like him.


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