How do you know if a guy wants a relationship with you after date two?

hey guys I know its been a while but here's my question I've been talking to this guy I met in my high school tech class we never really got to hang out but recently he asked to hang out we when to 6 different places we laughed an had a great time he said it was the most he has ever talk on a date an he kissed me it was amazing then he asked me out again a day right after saying that the first date just made him want to see me more :) <3 we when to the river swam a bit then to sonic then to visit one of my friends an each time he always texts me as soon as he gets home after the date <3 so my question is interested in me an if so how do I KEEP him interested dating tips greatly appreciated <3

here's is a list of things he does when we are together

-He texts me first or right after the date

- He is a gentleman an opens doors for me an steps out side the car for our goodnight kiss

- He always says he has a good time with me

- He is always trying to kiss me an I am the one to pull alway first


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  • hes already in to you. the only thing you can do is just be you. the whole "be yourself" cliche is a cliche for a reason.

    its better if you don't force, or rush anything though. right now, you are both really enjoying what's going on, so don't pressure it to be more, especially that quick. It will evolve into it over time, just enjoy this for now.

    me and my girlfriend dated for like 3 months before we actually decided to do a relationship. I found out later she wanted to really early on, kind of like your situation lol.

    but in the end, it worked itself out, and we've been in the official relationship for like 2 and a half years now


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What Guys Said 2

  • You don't.Two dates isn't enough to know a guy to know if he really wants a relationship or just sex. Like everything good in life, it'll take a lot of time.

  • In the American South, if a guy want to have a relationship with a girl, after the second date he'll give her his grandmothers recipe for grits. I don't know what they do in civilized areas.


What Girls Said 3

  • dont be foolish, you won't know even after 3mo. for sure. But take time to know him. Why rush?

  • at this point you have to see where it goes and go with the flow a bit. if he says omething about not wanting a relationship or not looking for anything serious that means be careful.

  • do you not have eyes, obviously if he's acting like he's interested in you the he probably is. We don't need to spell it out for you, why don't you ask the guy how much he likes you instead of looking for reassurance from strangers on the net

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