How to get past awful circumstances?

How does one deal with this? In my case there is an awesome girl, almost totally alike me with the exception that she is much more shy than I am. I don't know how she feels about me but I like her very much. We've known each other since freshman year of college, when she was dating a friend of mine (who I haven't talked to in about a year and a half), and the next year lived with my ex.

So she lived with my ex, and I'm mainly worried about her loyalties to her roommate and friend if I make a move on her.

I'm willing to fight for her, no doubt, but I don't want to fight in vain. Anyone have any ideas about how I can make things work out?

I should also mention, that although we know each other and are acquaintances, I don't know her that well, nor do I know what my ex may have told her about me.


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  • Sit down and talk with her about it. Let her know you're interested in her but have your concerns over the roommate & friend connections. Ask her how she feels about it all.

    • We aren't that close though, I should have mentioned that. I don't want it to come as a complete surprise to her that I have feelings for her. Sorry I should have mentioned that.

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    • What would be a non awkward, relaxed way to get to know her, but still able to make it obvious that I'm interested in being more than a friend?

      Thanks for the help btw!

    • If you have mutual friends, then have a movie/game nite, cookout, picnic, whatever... where you invite a few select people and use that time to talk with her one on one. Or simply ask her out for coffee or lunch. Or ask her for class help on a subject she's strong at or a class you share (if you have any).

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