I feel that I'm using a guy by dating him to move on from another one?

Self explanatory. I'm 16. I'm dating Guy B, I am attracted to him, but have no feelings. Guy B literally begged me to go on a date with him, I had constantly said no because our friendship etc, but its just that I still like Guy A even tho I Haven't seen him in 2 months, and before that I gave him the cold shoulder after he played me. All of my feelings stayed with Guy A, who liked me back but didn't want a relationship. I jsut feel like bitch because I wouldn't give a damn if Guy B and me were done. However, I GOT to move on, and it hasn't worked with any other methods. So, what should I do?


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  • dont feel like a bitch. let me tell you something, more than likely he has his own motives for dating you as well so why would you feel bad? he's probably plotting on when your gonna let him hit. just do it, at least he gets to date u

    • lol hell get to brag to all of his friends I've rejected that he got the hottest girl in high school lol.And yes, actually he would definitely have his motives.

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