Please help me! I'm not sure what to do?

don't know if this guy likes me or not!

At lunch a girlfriend and I went to subway and two guys from her class came in and sat with us and I was attracted to one of them.

As we were talking and laughing, it seemed like he was making most eye contact with me.

Back at practice we couldn't stop laughing and grinning at each other from across the room.

Later, he offered his help with my instrument (synth) and I said thanks and he carried it for me.

The next day he saw me waiting for my mom outside standing alone - but there was a few other people out there. He started walking to his car but then came up to me and asked if I needed a ride, but I had to decline because my mom had called and told me she was going to be there in five minutes. He went to his car and got in but stayed there, and was still there when I left.

Was he checking to see if I was lying or not? Is the rest of it considered flirting or am I making it up in my head? Either way I think I really like him, but he's two years olders than me so he might just consider me a little kid that he's being nice to...idk!


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  • If he was checking on you, then he wanted to see if you liked him by comming in his car, but since you declined, he thought you didn't like him, that's why he waited till you left. I would say, go for it, he should be really attracted to you...

    Two years age difference does not matter. Its a perfect age difference for a guy and gal... If you both were about 10 years age difference, then it wouldn't be normal as it can be like one generation ahead/less...

    So, if both of you are attracted to each other, then go head... I guess you both were made for each other... So go ahead and ask him out... He should be really attracted to you...


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