Girls: IYO Best way to respond to short online dating email?

So I have decided to attempt online dating again. I sent this girl a "flirt" about a month ago. A "flirt" is basically a canned message that the website offers, the one I sent said: "We seem to have so much in common. Let me know if you agree."

I heard nothing until last night, when she sent me a message that said ":)" So IYO what is my best next move:

1. Send a mildly smart ass email back, saying something like: Hi I am ___, I'll tell you more when I get a longer email then ":)" :p?

2. Something Short like: Hi I am____, how is your summer going?"

3. Send a longer email, like I would send her if she had not sent me the :).

I am leaning towards 2.


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  • There are so ways to interpret that smiley, but it's basically a green light to open, because for whatever reason she won't or can't. Possibly waiting to see your non-'canned' message.


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  • Had she logged during the days before the message? If she only logs on once a month then maybe send her a message.

    However, if you saw her online, and she is only now responding to your message, I would hold off. I've don'e the online dating thing and if I am interested in a guy, I respond immediately.

  • Oooo SOCKS! Sorry, what does IYO mean?

    • So you like my socks :). IYO=In Your Opinion.

    • I had some like those, but the dots were all different colors. It reminded me of when I was a little girl. I don't wear socks much now, though.

      I like them. They look cool!

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  • I usually advise against dating sites because they're so hit/miss and filled with people who aren't serious, but if you're already signed up. I say 3, just strike up a conversation. Don't start with anything about her looks or overly compliment her on her tastes, just speak about something you have in common that drew your attention to the profile.

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