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Me and my guy friend talk almost everyday. We're extremely close friends and we sometimes talk dirty to each other. That makes things diffucult cause it definitely involves a lot of emotions. We are just friends so I think we should stop doing that. He has told me before that he likes me as more than a friend "sometimes" is what he said. However we live in two different states now. He said he didn't wanna date me and end up doing something wrong and that he the end of our friendship. But I've told him many times I will always be here for as long as he wants me to be. I would love to date him but I'm also very okay with being his friend. So anyway recently he wrote a status on fb saying "Love is in the air". Couple days later he wrote "depressed again". Now the whole time this was happening he would call me and start talking dirty to me. Even though he was obviously talking to some other girl. I knew he was upset so I tried to talk to him and ask him of everything was okay. He wouldn't tell me what was wrong. That night he called again for the same thing. I feel like I'm being used only for sex. I'm good for other things. He told me he wouldn't ever do that but I have no reason to believe him. I don't wanna start drama but I want to talk to him about this. I also wanna end the dirty talk. How should I tell him? I wanna do it subtly. Please help. I'm a wreck. I feel so dumb though. I should have known better. And I did but I got so carried away. Some good advie is what I need. Please and thank you.


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  • Tell him the truth. You want to stop the dirty talk because you feel bad about it and you want your friendship to be more than just talking smut.

    The thing is maybe he's not talking to another girl, maybe he's talking about you, maybe he has feelings for you but knows that because of the distance nothing can really happen, and that's what depresses him. Talk to him and get it all out in the open because if you don't and he continues this you stand to build up a great deal of resentment towards him that might be avoided and if he doesn't want to be serious friends with you then it's better to know now than to let this sex talk escalate to a point where that's all he ever wants to talk to you about.


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