GUYS: when you use a lot of exclamation points in texts

this guys and I text sometimes. I'm getting the feeling he proally likes me because he came to a party just to see me, and wouldn't come until I asked him despite his parents trying to convince him to come. every so often he will text me first and say something like "hey!" of "yo what's up?", but besides that never seems so ask anything except HBU\ I end up asking most the questions and he typically sends really short texts. He does capitalize\use apostrofees and such, but they are usually very short. But I've notices he only occasinally uses smilies\winks but uses 2-3 exclamation points in pretty much every text..Why does he does this and seem to like talking to me, but not really ask questions or answer with long texts?


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  • i have read that girls using a lot of laughing or exclamation points to seem interesting and flirt. keeping conversation going is a good sign of interest as well. careful he doesn't just use exclamation marks to every one I know of a girl who ends all her texts 90% with the same smiley so


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